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Amy H.

If you look closely you can see every 3rd or 4th lash is blue, really pops blue eyes. Also there's a few glitter lashes on outer edge for a holiday party -- fun to play with colors!

Sarah D.


 EllipseTM lashes are softer and lighter yet look more "full."  They work well on blond and/or fragile lashes to add more volume and more length.

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Ashley P.


Ashley asked for the "Kardasian" spiked look - these are the heaviest lashes (.25) and the longest length (18 cm)  in stock.

Tara A.


Volume hybrids work well on filling out sparse natural lashes with a soft, natural look.

Polly S.

 Although each client chooses their desired look, I specialize in making eyes look "natural."  Thank you Polly for sending your selfie!

Carolyne E.


Mixing extension weights and curl creates a more natural "does she or doesn't she"  presentation.



Beth Stoll is fully licensed in Minnesota as an EYELASH TECHNICIAN (License #18002326) and is certified through JBLashes, J. Adler Lashes and NovaLash. The advantages of a home salon include better pricing, great parking and other personal touches -- like a comfortable chair instead of a massage table -- which makes a HUGE difference during a two hour session!   


There's a lot of looks and lashes to choose from. I carry Siberian Mink, Silk Mink, ElipseTM, and synthetic mink lashes in a variety of thicknesses and lengths... and do both VOLUME LASHING and VOLUME HYBRIDS as well.  Let's work together to choose exactly the look you're looking for!


I did not do the lashes below, but have the colors! I also have hot pink, purple, red, green, brown and glitter!!  If you would like to create a truly unique look or have a special occasion coming up, Let's play with color!