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The reopening includes the following changes:

 • I have extended hours, and there will be a half hour break between each appointment for thorough cleaning. This is challenging to schedule with online booking, so if you are willing to be flexible I may need to call you and set your requested appointment either back or forward 30 minutes. Please let me know  in the notes section when you book if a time shift will NOT work for you... we'll work around it!

 • I will be wearing a mask at all times. 

 • If the previous client has not yet left, please wait in the upstairs living room until they leave and salon is thoroughly cleaned. I will have hand sanitizer for your use both in the living room and in the regular salon waiting area. Clients will now exit out the back door so the only person you will have contact with is me... and I will be washing EVERYTHING THOROUGHLY before I call you down.  

PLEASE cancel your appointment if you are feeling under the weather, there will be no COVID cancellation fees. I appreciate your support and vigilance in making sure we all stay well!