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$40 off any New Client Full Set

when completed by July 15th.

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Eyelash extensions are individual lashes applied one by one by hand. The results are truly amazing! The extensions adhere to your natural lash permanently and shed with the natural growth cycle of your natural lashes.

The FRINGE BENEFITS of lash extensions:

  • Choose your length, choose your fullness.
  • Mascara is no longer required.
  • Swim, shower, sweat. Your lashes will be fine.
  • Wake up with thick, long, dark lashes.
  • Contacts?  No problem.
  • They look natural, they look amazing!

 Eyelash extensions adhere to your natural lash permanently

and will not damage lash growth – but they do take a trained professional to apply. FRINGE BENEFITS is a fully licensed 

home-based business in Minnetonka that offers sevices from a certified Eyelash Extension Artist -- without  the salon price. Claim your FRINGE BENEFITS today!