Sarah D.


 EllipseTM lashes are softer and lighter yet look more "full."  They work well on blond and/or fragile lashes to add more volume and more length.



Beth Stoll is fully licensed in Minnesota as an EYELASH TECHNICIAN (License #18002326) and is certified through JBLashes, J. Adler Lashes,  Lash Boulevard and NovaLash. The advantages of a home salon include better pricing, great parking and other personal touches -- like a comfortable chair instead of a massage table -- which makes a HUGE difference during a two hour session!   


There's a lot of looks and lashes to choose. I carry Siberian Mink, Silk Mink, ElipseTM, and synthetic lashes in a variety of thicknesses and lengths and do Classic, Hybrid, and Volume lash sets including MEGA and Russian sets as well. I also have several colors including blue, purple, gold, hot pink, green and several ombres, as well as many others!  Let's work together to choose exactly the look you're looking for!

Introducing candIED lashes!

These are my latest find and my personal favorite -- NovaLash Candied Lashes!  Each lash has been hand dipped in crushed crystals so they sparkle when they catch the light.  They are available in a variety of colors including black and brown for just a classy "kiss" of flash. Pictured below is the Champagne.  Perfect for brides or a special event, you only need a few on each eye to sparkle.  Cost is $1 per lash in addition to your regular fill cost.

Carolyne E.


Mixing extension weights and curl creates a more natural "does she or doesn't she"  presentation.

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Carmen W. 


The lighter the lash the more can be put on and the fluffier the look. Volume lashes work well on filling out sparse natural lashes with a soft, natural look.

Ashley P.


Ashley asked for the "Kardasian" spiked look - these are the heaviest lashes (.25) and the longest length (18 cm)  in stock.

Amy H.

If you look closely you can see every 3rd or 4th lash is blue, really pops blue eyes. Also there's a few glitter lashes on outer edge for a holiday party -- fun to play with color!

Polly S.

 Although each client chooses their desired look, I specialize in making eyes stay "natural."  Thank you Polly for sending your selfie!